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Paldiski road. 31
76606 Keila, ESTONIA
Phone: +372 674 7466
Fax: +372 674 7468

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About Us

Draka Keila Cables was established in 1992. Company’s equity holders are Prysmian Finland OY, with 66%, and an Estonian electrical equipment producing company AS Harju Elekter with 34%. Through Prysmian Finland OY Keila Kaabel belongs to Prysmian Group, one of the biggest cable producers in the world. The group consists of 97 entities located in 50 countries in Europe, Americas and Asia.

The headquarter and manufacturing facilities of Draka Keila Cables are located on territory of AS Harju Elekter in Keila, Estonia. Our major markets are Baltic countries. Representative offices have been set up in Riga and Vilnius to ensure proper communication with our customers in Latvia and Lithuania.


 Draka Keila Cables is focused on the three main product groups: low-voltage and special purpose cables, power cables and telecommunication cables. Our goal is to provide customers the best solutions for transmission of energy and information. Cables are produced in a wide range, according to needs of customers and current standards. Products are certified in internationally recognized certification authority SGS-FIMKO.

The quality of our products is assured by modern technology, high-quality raw material and well-trained professionals. Company’s quality management system was declared to be in accordance with of ISO 9001 by LRQA in 1998. In 2001 Keila Kaabel environmental management system acquired certificate of accordance with the requirements of ISO 14 001.

Draka Keila Cables is a fast growing manufacturing company, the key to our success is ability to respond flexibly to rapidly changing business environment. Draka Keila Cables is open for co-operation possibilities coming from east as well as west.